For a good life inside the bottle



The dedication we put into each bottle stopper we make, is the same as every producer puts into their wine.
Since we first began in 1967, wine stoppers, we have always been driven by our passion for wine and wine stoppers as they ensure the final quality of the wine, the winemakers’ work and all the wine industry.
This passion has given way to an art that has been refined and developed over three generations down to the present day within the family.
We have kept up with the times, market demands and technological advances so we have invested in innovation, cutting-edge equipment and the specialised skills of a highly qualified team.
This is the attitude that has enabled us to progressively conquer the most demanding international markets.


With our product

To dominate in knowledge and intensity our product, our art, our passion.
Work focused, with innovation and persistence in the development and concretization of our product, as well as in its promotion and affirmation.
The love we put into what we do is always felt in what we deliver.

With the clients

Know very well the product of our customers and with them share their passion. Accompany our client to the glass of his client. Always be close to our clients

With the job

To work in a team, valuing the contribution of each one to the common objectives, taking risks, responsibilities and results. To give priority to joy and passion – we do better with bright eyes. Do what needs to be done, and do not just do what is comfortable – we always want more than others.


We are a cohesive and experienced team that, with the same principles and passions, ensures the management and growth of JGR CORK. We are structured in functional de-partments led by senior staff who work closely and integrated to ensure greater agility and organizational efficiency.


Rua de S. José, 51
4520-475 Rio Meão – Portugal

Phone: + 351 227 446 605