For a good life inside the bottle



Cork is the bark of the cork oak tree, a 100% natural product with completely unique characteristics that mean it can be used in multiple applications and cannot be reproduced artificially.

Portugal has the planet’s largest oak forests and this is why it is the biggest producer and greatest specialist in cork in the world.

Cork oaks can grow to between 10 and 15 metres high and live 200 years on average.

The cork is only removed from the oak for the first time after 25 years and then every nine years after that.

The microscopic cells of the cork have a honeycomb structure containing a gas very much like air, naturally ensuring capabilities such as elasticity, sealing, impermeability and acoustic insulation, among other.







Cork and wine were really made for one another.

Any time you share a glass of wine or when you open a bottle, there is a reunion ritual, sealed by a cork in which time and confidence have been invested and that crowns the perfect communion between the sophisticated creation of man and the natural gift of the cork oak.

The excellent physical and chemical properties of cork stoppers not only help store the wine, but they also let it continue to develop inside the bottle.

Cork stoppers bring out the character and nobility of each wine, improving their perception as a high-quality product.